Our surfing program, like our other programs is geared to serve the serious surfer. While we can arrange for lessons for new surfers, our focus is to get experienced surfers where they need to be – when they need to be there. With that regard we have a special fleet of vehicles to serve our surfer clientele. Each day, at the right time, there is a place to be and we are prepared to get you there and avoid the hassle of renting expensive 4 wheel drives or experiencing the terror of driving in Panama. From a Jeep YJ, to a Retro VW Bay Window Bus, to a monster Modified Military 5 ton – wherever the best surf is we will deliver your group there daily and bring you back again. Combined with our included ground transport for you and your boards from Panama City, this local transport service plus one road trip we provide to nearby Venao or Guanico lets you avoid the expense and hassle of a rental 4WD without missing any of the best surf in the area. This is also a great option for those surfers under the minimum vehicle rental age to visit us without dragging along a parent.