Los Buzos has just made history as Adam Fisk recently leadered an estimated 450lb black marlin from his Jackson Coosa FD kayak! We are hearing that this is one of the largest marlin ever brought to leader from a kayak!

An epic fishery for billfish right in our backyard
Billfish of all kinds are prevalent in our area and come very close to shore. We have landed several sailfish this year and had a few shots at marlin. In April this year we saw marlin almost every single day, some were close to 1000 pounds. We confirmed sightings of both blue and black marlin. Other fishermen have hooked and landed them from boats as well. The panga fishermen have landed them trolling simple cedar plugs and one was even hooked on a spinning reel throwing a popper! With Los Buzos only being in its first year of full time operation and already landing a marlin, it is safe to say we have a world class fishery right in our backyard!

Keep reading to know the full story behind Adam’s epic catch! Also check out the picture below of our guest Matthew from Georgia holding a large pacific sailfish which he caught here at Los Buzos in April. Matthew had never been offshore in a kayak before this trip!

How it went down…
On Sunday August 26 2018 Adam was fishing solo in our backyard about a mile from the beach. On his way out he was able to catch a small big eye trevally. These make great live baits and typically are quickly snatched up by our trophy size roosterfish. He made his way to one of our favorite grouper spots in 120ft of water. First drop with a jig he landed a solid broomtail grouper. On the second drop, he hooked a very large jack crevalle. While trying to unhook the jack, it began…

The noise every fisherman dreams about… the clicker on Adam’s live bait reel started screaming! He quickly tossed the jack back into the water, grabbed the rod, free spooled the reel in order to make sure the marlin had the whole bait in its mouth and engaged the drag. As soon as the fish felt the pressure, she came sailing out of the ocean! At the very beginning she was jumping close to the water with her back facing Adam. This made it hard to get a proper id on the fish. All he could see was the black back of a long billfish. In the video you will see once she starts pulling Adam out to sea that she doesn’t take long to leap from the water and show her broadside. He was then able to confirm his suspicions of a black marlin!

Not long into the fight Adam radios the lodge to alert them of the situation. Teri quickly responds and sends our other guide Kevin out on the panga along with Jesse, Dani, and Erika to get pictures and standby as backup if Adam ended up needing assistance.  By the time the panga arrived Adam had already been towed a mile from where he hooked up and was already in about 350 feet of water. The fish continued to jump and gave us all a stunning show. She ended up breaking the water close to 30 times!

Using the right gear
After jumping, she would dive down and continue to pull Adam slowly and steadily offshore. She would stay about 60ft below the surface and Adam was unable to budge her, even with his hefty setup of an Accurate Valiant 1000 2-speed spooled with 80lb diamond line, on a 40-80lb big game live bait rod from Adrenaline Custom rods. Previously, Adam had hooked an even larger black marlin on a much lighter setup and ended up getting spooled. After that, he vowed to never fish our waters under-gunned again.

A great result after a long fight
After a little over a 4 hour fight and getting towed close to 10 mile Adam was able to bring the marlin right up next to his kayak only about 3ft away and get the swivel to the rod tip! This qualifies as an IGFA legal catch. After getting the swivel to the rod tip, Adam tried to grab the leader with his hand but this time the marlin took a dive. It was starting to get dark now and Adam did not want to wear the fish out any more. Getting the marlin tired enough to grab safely at the kayak would require wearing her out to the point where she would be close to death. So, Adam locked the drag down and popped her off. Everyone involved was yelling in celebration and soon after Adam jumped into the panga, loaded the kayak on board and got a ride back home.

This was an incredible experience that no one here at Los Buzos will ever forget. Black marlin are here in our waters year round and we cannot wait until one of our guests can experience this for themselves! Send us an email at info@losbuzos.com for details on booking a trip of your own!