Breathe Healing & Wellness

If you are looking to relax during your stay here at Los Buzos, Breathe Healing & Wellness offers a full menu of world-class treatments and classes.

Aptly named, Breathe, this is the healing center for the Los Buzos locals and guests, a reminder to slow down, heal, and pamper yourself in the midst of your hectic life and adventurous recreation schedule.

Enjoy a relaxing massage, experience ancient healing treatments from all over the world, sign up for a yoga session, or even take a cooking class at Breathe – and who knows you may even hear a story about a helicopter extraction or other adventure from her vast life experience before her latest adventure at Los Buzos. 


Lomi Lomi | $80 – 60min | $110 – 90min | $140 – 120min 

Traditional Hawaiian Massage 

Renowned for its flowing, deep and rhythmic strokes while providing a relaxing experience. Using palms and forearms to knead soft tissues with oil, while incorporating passive stretching techniques to loosen and elongate muscles and joints through mobilization. This indigenous healing art provides both physical and spiritual 

Ancient Greek | $80 – 60min | $110 – 90min | $140 – 120min 

Traditional Grecian Massage 

Ancient massage traced back to Egyptian medicine and further formulated by Hippocrates’ medical application. A unique therapeutic massage using dry brushing to activate the nervous system. A full body oil massage and foot reflexology using therapeutic strokes and techniques to relax and repair. Includes cupping with motion to stimulate and balance the meridian energy 

Hara | $80 – 60min | $110 – 90min | $140 – 120min

Japanese Abdominal Massage

The abdomen is considered in Asian and Polynesian bodyworks to be the core of your being, closely linked to the sub conscience mind all our power and repressed emotions. This treatment is a powerful tool in releasing deep areas of tensions and stasis, encouraging smooth blood and energy flow both distally and locally. Not only does it aid in digestion problems and back pain, it can reduce stress and anxiety by pulling a person back to center and providing a profound sense of relaxation. Techniques that focus on stimulating organs and relieving tension can include deep tissue manipulation, pressure points stimulation, vibration, rocking, energy holds, mobilization of hip joints, along with soothing circular strokes.

Acupressure and Reflexology | $80 – 60min | $110 – 90min

Ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press key points on the surface of the skin to simulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is based on a prescientific theory of energy flow within the body dating back to 2000BC. It restores health by clearing vital energy imbalances in the body which are accessed via the pathways called meridians located between the skin surface and the internal organs. Techniques include firm pressure, kneading, brisk rubbing and tapping. This session also includes applying pressure to points along the sole of the foot focusing on zones that correspond to different parts of the body requiring attention.

Deep Tissue | $90 – 60min | $120 – 90min

Watpo Temple Thai | $80 – 60min | $110 – 90min | $140 – 120min

Tui Na | Anma $80 – 60min | $110 – 90min | $140 – 120min


Watsu Lomi | $110 – 60min

Aquatic Massage

Aquatic bodywork creating conditions to release deep tension physically, relieving mental stress and has profound effect on the parasympathetic nervous system controlling your rest and digestion. The freedom, thanks to absence of gravity in water can mobilize your entire body in three dimensions which does not occur in any other type of massage. Through rhythmic and repetitive movements, the therapist facilitates adjustments by gently cradling, moving, stretching, twisting and massaging while you are supported floating on your back. Often described as a feeling of “flying in the sky” the session gives your body a rest from sensory input.

Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy & Onsen | $50 – 60min session

A modern improved method of sauna bathing in which the body is heated from the inside out. The Infrared spectrum light is invisible to the eye but can be felt as heat energy. Efficient infrared penetrates below the skin surface to a depth of 3-4cm (deeper than a traditional antiquated sauna) and induces a range of curative and health restorative processes at a comfortable temperature perfect for our tropical warm weather. Enjoy a session by interring into the traditional Japanese style Onsen for a bodyscrub first, then sauna with simultaneous chromotherapy (light) therapy, following a second cool down Onsen experience while pampering yourself with organic body delights.

Facial | $60 – 30min session

Body Wrap & Scrub | $100 – 60min | $135 – 90min

Banana Leaf Detox Wrap |$150 – 90min | $170 – 120min

Whirlpool w/ Aromatherapy | $50 – 60min

Sound Therapy | $60 – 60min

Volcanic Mud Soak | $80 – 45min


Yoga-Meditation & Breathwork | Qi Gong – Barre
$25 per person group classes, $60 per person private

Cacao-Heathy-Apothecary | $40 per person/min 4 people

Meet Breathe Therapist and Owner

Owner/Developer Rondalyn Wilson is the epitome of what Los Buzos seeks in a development partner – someone who brings their own skill, talent, drive and know-how to improve and enhance the Los Buzos experience.

Rondalynn is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist LMBT as well as a Qi Gong instructor, knowledgable and qualified in both western medicine and complementary medicine she is driven to study, learn and apply techniques of therapy to create the highest level of care for her clients. Passionate for healing she has trained and received her certifications in various forms of bodywork and energy practices and continued to become a teacher of Qi Gong and massage in the United States. With a desire for knowledge she travels around the world to study different forms of therapies and healing systems that she implements into her treatments. She is honored to be in the healing arts and feels the highest level of reward is to help others find peace, healing and balance.

  • Certified as a Paramedic and EMT in 1996
  • Certified in Basic Trauma and Advanced Cardiac Life Support in 1996
  • Trained in Qi Gong and Taoist Energy Practices and meditation 1999
  • Trained in Tui Na and Taoist Massage with acupressure 2001
  • Trained in traditional Chinese theory, dietary and herbology 2001
  • Graduated from North Carolina, U.S. Massage School 2003
  • Nationally certified in Massage and Bodywork Therapy 2003
  • Trained and certified in Hawaii for Lomi Lomi Massage 2005
  • Trained and certified in Thailand for Wat Po Massage & Thai Yoga 2008
  • Trained and certified in Greece for Ancient Greek massage 2014
  • Trained and certified in Egyptian Cupping Massage 2014
  • Trained in Japan for Abdominal Massage, Shiatsu & Zen Meditation 2015