Meet our guides: Kevin Bendeck

Kevin Bendeck was born and raised in Honduras in the capital city of Tegucigalpa. When growing up he fished with his dad every time they had a chance to hit the ocean. Kevin studied at a bilingual school and can speak English and Spanish fluently and studied business administration in college. He moved to Panama in 2016 to start and manage a family business. That’s when he started kayak fishing with an inflatable kayak. He soon realized that it was not ideal for fishing so he bought a fishing kayak to travel all over Panama to many different destinations on the weekends while he worked during the week.

He became part of the CPKP (Panama’s biggest kayak fishing club) directive and helped with events, logistics and general growth of the club. Kevin has fished almost all water bodies here in Panama inlcuding Cebaco Island, Taboga Islands, Pearl Islands, Pedasi, Las Tablas, Punta Mala, Isla Cañas river and bay, the Panama canal’s fresh and brackish water lakes and several destinations on the Atlantic side. While travelling to all these destinations he figured out the best techniques to catch roosterfish, cubera snappers, groupers, yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi and many other species.

Kevin has won first place in the largest tournament CPKP organizes every year and he won the mahi mahi tour of the CPKP to Taboga Island in 2017.  He also participated in several other kayak fishing tournaments. Recently he was invited to be a judge in the biggest online kayak fishing tournament of Panama. 

Kevin was invited to join the Los Buzos Team as a fishing guide in April of 2018 only five months after he fished with Los Buzos as a client and fell in love with the beautiful paradise that is Cambutal and the incredible fishery we have here. Kevin left Panama City and the corporate life to do what he loves; fishing. He is a passionate fishing guide that has managed to land the second Pacific sailfish in Los Buzos history within a month of him starting. He also holds the Los Buzos record for the biggest broomtail grouper landed from a kayak and he landed the second biggest roosterfish of the lodge history with 56” to the fork. 

While out on the water he constantly helps our clients land trophy fish and loves offering assistance to anybody that needs help.