Another epic week at Los Buzos comes to an end. Here is the full trip report! This time we had a few guys from Montana, Texas, Florida and Canada! We always look forward to the moment that bus pulls up outside the lodge bringing in a new group of excited anglers. We welcomed all the anglers and were happy to hear many of them had kayak fishing experience which is always helpful. After everyone got settled in their rooms we took them to the kayak area, served up som fresh pina coolatas and gave them the rundown of how the trip would go. We showed them the kayaks and how they work, explained how to use the fishfinders, gps, rods, reels, and everything else so they could be as prepared as possible.

Day 1

We started off the week as usual with all anglers fishing behind out lodge at our favorite fishing spot near the exposed reef called “Vaca” for the first day. This way we are able to make sure everyone is comfortable in the kayaks and that they get the lay of the land all together.

Day one was by far the roughest day of the week. Our guides took everyone through what we call the beach pass as it is the safest and easiest way out of our bay on a rough day at low tide. Everyone made it through without a hitch and the hunt for fish was on! With the conditions as they were, it took a while to get outside vaca to the roosterfish zone but once there, we were able to quickly find live bait. We rigged up the baits and started working some of our proven roosterfish and cubera spots. The bite was a bit slow so we ended up changing plans and headed out deeper to jig some rocks that generally hold grouper and snapper. Not much time passed and almost everyone started putting snapper in the boat. We caught some very large spotted rose snappers, yellow snappers and some fat rock snapper. Brendan even caught a yellowfin tuna on the jig when looking for snapper. Several other fish were caught including some sierra mackerel, diamond trevally, and jack crevalle. A few of the guys tried poppers near vaca but getting close to the rocks this day was dangerous so they decided to wait for a better day to try that… and man did that pay off!

Day 2

Day two was night and day different than day one. We woke up to flat calm seas and wind under 5 mph. We launched later than usual around 8am as high tide was later in the day and we like to fish through that if possible and come back to shore during falling tide. We had two pangas go to one of our mothershipping spots to the east near “Wahoo Rock” and several of the guys stayed back near vaca to try their luck again. The guys who stayed at vaca had the same plan at the beginning. Get live bait and hang around “Vaca” and “Rooster City.” After soaking live baits for a while with little action they decided to go out even deeper to look for mahi mahi and do some deep dropping. We trolled out to 350 feet hooking some bonitos along the way and jumping one mahi mahi. Once we got to our spot we started dropping jigs all the way to the bottom. In no time we started hauling up an incredibly cool species called longtail seabass. They are one of the best eating fish in the ocean and by far one of the most beautiful. Almost everyone caught at least one and Adam dropped a sabiki down and pulled up 7 on a single drop. We also were able to land several tilefish and blackbelly rosefish. Deep dropping is not something you commonly see in the kayak fishing world but as we are so close to deep water it is easily accessible for us and almost always productive as long as the current is minimal. On our way back to shore we found some large schools of bonitos busting out of the water and a few of the guys had a ball chasing them down and catching them on topwater lures.

Day 3

Day three most of the guys decided to mothership back out to the east. Darret and Denes started trolling live bonita from the panga. After doing some passes over the spots they decided to stop and let it sink to the bottom. This quickly produced a trophy cubera snapper! After landing that they headed back to the bouy and started having the guys drop jigs. This proved to be very effective and they were stared pulling up some awesome fish. They first landed some jack crevelles, then a rooster, some huge almaco jacks, African pompano, diamond trevally, and some others. They later caught a live blue runner and put it out while they were jigging. While they were pulling up fish on the jig the live bait reel went off and it ended up being a gorgeous roosterfish. They maxed out our largest cooler plus some and headed back to the lodge. It took 4 guys almost 2 hours to clean all the fish. We were well stocked for the rest of the week and decided to release everything else we caught the remainder of the week if possible. We hate to take more fish than we need.

Day 4

As we had been having far better luck out east we decided to load up everyone in the Pangas and fish all together near wahoo rock and the bouy area for day four. A dirty water current had been sitting at vaca and had really turned off the bite while the water near wahoo rock was crystal clear blue. We found the same huge schools of palomettas and blue runners hanging out at the same spot. The guys started off with poppers and quickly started hooking large mahi mahi and yellowfin tunas. Some of them were so tired of throwing the popper and reeling in fish they had to stop! We were able to quickly catch blue runners for everyone. Scott clipped a weight infront of his and dropped it down right next to the bouy and in less than 5 minutes was able to land a healthy cubera snapper. Minutes after releasing the first he hooked a second but it ended up pulling the hook. Some of the other guys were tired of paddling and had been fishing in the boat and landed several cuberas and roosters. Off in the distance we spotted a larger school of palomettas and Kyle headed straight for it with a fresh blue runner. He was using our traditional live bait stinger rig with 80 lb fluorocarbon and two 13/0 circle hooks.

THE CATCH of the week!

Just after getting to the school his clicker started singing as his line was stripped off his Accurate Fury reel at a blistering pace. He was able to set the hook and the fight was on. The fish took an incredibly long run at least 300 yds strait towards Darret’s panga. Darret noticed his line was around one of the live baits they were soaking. Immediately, knife in mouth, he jumped in the water and cut his live bait line in order to prevent a tangle which could have ended up with losing the fish. We were all stumped as to what it could be but we thought it had to be a rooster as they are such a strong fish and there were so many in the area. After about an hour fight Adriano came over the radio saying it might be a wahoo as he had seen a massive one swim under the panga near Kyle moments before the hookup. We started thinking that was a real possibility as the fight was so much different than any rooster we had hooked before. Kyle backed off the drag a bit as to make sure the razor sharp teeth of the wahoo would have less of a change of cutting the leader as we did not know how well the fish was hooked or where the hook was placed in the fishes mouth. Adam and Moises were following Kyle in the panga and keeping their distance. The fish then raced to the surface and charged towards the panga. They were able to maneuver out of the fish’s way as to not tangle it and as they did Adam was able to get an ID on the fish as the unmistakable stripes of a 70 lb wahoo showed clearly as it raced by the side of the panga… Now we all were sweating… we did not want to lose this fish. When Kyle yells out “Come to Los Buzos for the most stressful fight of your life” we all laughed nervously.

After 2.5 hours of getting towed around by the beast Kyle was able to tire it out and get it right next to the kayak. Adam tossed him a hook gaf and Kyle gaffed the fish perfectly and pulled it right up on his lap. We were all ecstatic and relieved. Kyle just landed one of the biggest wahoo we all had ever seen and quadrupled the Los Buzos record. After landing it we called Denes over the radio to come grab pictures but he was busy watching and waiting for Brenden to land a massive bull mahi mahi just a few hundred yards away. Adam grabbed the wahoo from Kyle and loaded the kayak into the boat and took him back to the spot where the action was happening. They dropped the kayak back in the water and got Kyle rigged up with another blue runner. Just after this Brenden’s trophy mahi sadly came loose. Moments later Kyles runner got smacked and he brought up a trophy cubera snapper. After landing the beast we all packed up and headed home. Everyone was tired from hooking so many fish and we had to get the wahoo on ice as it was far too big for any cooler we had on the boats.

Day 5

The final day was here! Some of the guys had caught everything they wanted to catch and decided to hang out on shore, relax and do a bit of shore fishing. The rest of the guys headed back to the hot zone in the pangas. Just like the previous days they found the massive bait schools and quickly started boating tunas, jacks, snapper and many other fish. Brendan was throwing the popper again and had a wahoo sky on it missing it by inches. The fish were hungry yet again. Catching bait was as easy as ever and blue runners were biting with almost every cast. Scott hooked one up and started free lining it. After a few minutes he was able to connect with a beautiful roosterfish. The bite was on in the morning but slowly started to die off later in the day so we ended up going back to shore a bit early. Moises was able to land a palometta which is generally a very hard fish to catch as they don’t typically hit any type of bait. One of Scott’s goals during the trip was to try a “weird” fish so once back to land we served it up as shashimi. Everyone tried it and many really liked it. Brendan ate almost the whole thing by himself!

We finished the night with yet another epic meal prepared by Sophie and said goodbye to the guys the next morning. We hope to see them again soon and look forward to seeing what other type of epic fish they are able to bring in next time.After catching some good fish day two some of the guys decided to go back on the pangas to see what else they could get.