Accurate Fishing BOSS FURY FX-600


  • Drag- 26lb+
  • Line Capacity- 500yds of 65lb braid
  • Gear Ratio- 4:1
  • Weight- 22oz
  • Inches/Crank-35

Penn Spinfisher V and VI 6500


  • Drag- 30lb
  • Line Capacity- 335yds of 50lb braid
  • Gear Ratio- 5.6:1
  • Weight- 22.3oz
  • Inches/Crank- 42in

Penn Spinfisher V and VI 4500


  • Drag- 20lb
  • Line Capacity- 250yds of 30lb braid
  • Gear Ratio- 6.2:1
  • Weight- 12.5oz
  • Inches/Crank- 40in


  • Star Rods Aerial Jigging Conventional Rod’ X-Heavy, 50-200lb
  • Star Rods Aerial Jigging Spinning Rod 6’6’’ X-Hvy, 50-200lb
  • Star Rods Stellar Lite Spinning Rod 7’ Med, 10-20lb
  • Wright&McGill Blair Wiggins 7’6” Medium Fast 8-20lb


  • Diamond Braid 15lb on our Spinfisher 4500s
  • Diamond Braid 65lb on our Spinfisher 6500s
  • Diamond Braid 65lb backing with 60lb monofilament on our FX-600s
  • Diamond Presentation Fluorocarbon 20lb on our lightest combo, 40lb and 60lb for jigging/popping, 80lb for live bait rigs.