Mixed Use Development Opportunities

With over 400 acres of prime ocean front and ocean view land remaining to develop, Los Buzos is no single generation or single developer project.

Having successfully built and opened our now world-famous Kayak Fishing Lodge and Town Center facilities, completed major electric and water utility projects and developed and sold more than 45 lots, fincas, houses and commercial facilities which now make up our vibrant community – 2020 is the time to look towards the future.

Our Phase 3 plan takes a long-term look at our remaining 400 acres, the best of our property, and maps out a path for the future.

  • Parque Los Buzos has been set aside as its centerpiece to ensure our beautiful hikes and trail rides will always be a part of Los Buzos.
  • Our marina site has been reserved with an eye toward enhancing our already booming fishing and boating business.
  • Remaining premium sites have been carefully chosen to allow the next generation of developers and business owners to take advantage of our progress to bring their own unique touch to the future of Los Buzos.

Inspired by the quality and success of the projects completed by past buyers in our developments such as Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort and Breathe Healing & Wellness, we have chosen to open the door to the best of the best of our property to similarly minded low density, eco-friendly development ideas, businesses and developers.

The remaining wholesale development tracts  have been carefully chosen based upon our years of experience with this land and each fits together like pieces of a puzzle allowing an owner or developer to select only the piece they need to achieve their own goals.  

Of course, now that the heavy lifting is done we plan to stick around to watch the future unfold and will gladly assist as consultants to help purchasers quickly navigate the development process in Panama and smoothly complete the project of their dreams – and place their stamp on the future at Los Buzos.

Developer Opportunities Ocean Front & Mountain with Stunning Views

From $675,000

Marina Development Site 

This parcel is available for lease, joint venture, or other option enuring a first class private marina. Any deal will match the term of an approved concession (with renewals) from Panama, obtained by purchaser for the operation of a boat basin and breakwater facility. A full-scale marina was approved at this location; however, our current highest and best use is a smaller scale breakwater, basin, and ramp to serve trailer launched and dry storage maintained boats in the 20 to 40 ft range. These types of craft , such as the World Cat 32 pic-tured below, are ideally suited to our location. With great versatility, speed, and fuel economy such boats have a choice each day of fishing our amazing fishery at Los Buzos or easily running just a few hours to among the best known fisheries in the world – Pinas Bay and Hannibal Bank. 

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