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Tournament Series

The Los Buzos Kayak Fishing Championship series is designed to seek out the best 12 kayak anglers from around the globe and face them off against each other on equal footing at one of the best offshore kayak angling locations in the world.

Our four qualifying tournaments in Panama, winners from other handpicked tournaments worldwide and designated anglers who are the best in their area, ensures that our ultimate championship will represent the top anglers in offshore kayak fishing.

Our event is not about selling the product or promoting companies; it’s about crowning THE BEST offshore kayak angler in the world.

JOIN US NOW during one of our four qualifiers at Los Buzos Resort Panama and compete for the grand prize of $10.000.

Draft Rules Summary

Series Schedule:
Panama Qualifier 1 – Saturday July 14th, 2018 to Friday July 20th, 2018
Panama Qualifier 2 – Saturday August 11th, 2018 to Friday August 17th, 2018
Panama Qualifier 3 – Saturday September 8th, 2018 to Friday September 14th, 2018
Australian Kayak Fishing Championship, Exmouth Australia – August 2nd 2018
Central Coast Slam Down VI – September 15th, 2018
King Of The Island OKFT, Pensacola, Florida – September 22nd 2018
International Qualifiers – 2018 events to be determined

Grand Championship Final – Saturday January 5th, 2019 to Friday January 11th, 2019

Panama Qualifier Events 1 through 4 – $2,500 grand prize winner takes all
Grand Championship – $10,000 grand prize winner take all
Black Marlin Challenge – $2500 to first Marlin during series under tournament guidelines
Note: All prizes including the Black Marlin Challenge are based upon full 12 man fields. In the event of smaller fields prizes will be reduced proportionately.

Entry Fee and Angler Qualifications:
There is no separate entry fee for the tournaments

All qualifying and championship tournament anglers are required to be Los Buzos guests either under our standard or resort all inclusive packages

All anglers will fish from Los Buzos provided kayaks which are substantially equal. Anglers are allowed to use their own tackle (or our rental tackle) and handheld electronics including a required handheld VHF radio.

Championship Event invitations will be extended to the top anglers or highest available from Panama Qualifiers and other approved qualifier events, or other top regional anglers approved by the tournament committee.

The overall winner will be determined by the most accumulated points during three chosen days – selected by the angler, prior to start time for each day, from 5 available days during the tournament week.

Points are awarded for both tag and release species and weigh-in species.

Tag and Release Species
Roosterfish – (fork length) measuring under trophy mark on tournament streamer – 15 points
Trophy Roosterfish – (fork length) measuring at or past trophy mark on tournament streamer (approximately 48 inches) – 50 points
Trophy Cubera – (total length) measuring at or past trophy mark on tournament streamer (approximately 36 inches) – 50 points
Pacific Sailfish or Striped Marlin – 200 points
Black or Blue Marlin – 500 points

Weighed Species
– Top 5 fish over 5-pound minimum weight limit from each day
Snapper all species besides trophy cubera – 1 point per pound
Grouper all species – 1 point per pound
Wahoo – 1 point per pound
Yellowfin Tuna – 1 point per pound
Dolphin/Dorado/Mahi – 1 point per pound
Bluefin Trevally – 1 point per pound
Sierra Mackerel – 1 point per pound
African Pompano – 1 point per pound
Almaco Jack/Bojalo – 1 point per pound
Snook – 1 point per pound
Corvina – 1 point per pound

The grand prize is calculated by total weight points plus the total catch and release points for the three selected fishing days for each angler.

Black Marlin Challenge – The first marlin to be landed in compliance with tournament rules during the series will be awarded the $2500.00 Black Marlin Challenge Tournament Prize.

All roosterfish and trophy cubera snapper must to be hooked, reeled in, and the leader must be touched by the angler with fish, leader, and tournament streamer (clearly marking length of the fish), captured clearly on video before receiving any assistance from a boat or other kayaker.  Once legally brought to leader and documented for tournament purposes, anglers are allowed to utilize assist boats for the purpose of safely de-hooking, reviving, and releasing any trophy size roosterfish or cubera snapper.

All billfish must be hooked, reeled in, and IGFA legal length leader must be touched by the angler with fish, and leader captured clearly on video before receiving any assistance from a boat or other kayaker. Once legally brought to leader and documented for tournament purposes, anglers are allowed to utilize assist boats for the purpose of safely de-hooking, reviving, and releasing any billfish.

The angler must choose three qualifying fishing days from the 5 days available. Fishing days must be declared prior to the specified launch time for each day.  Anglers can pre-fish or scout fish on non-qualifying days.

Launching and landing times are tide dependent and will be determined prior to the start of the tournament. Each day will have a launch time and a lines-out time.
Anglers have the option of launching from the beach or using one of several approved mother ship locations operated by Los Buzos. All rules will apply equally among the different options. Mother ship trips will be allocated based upon order of paid reservation – all advance booked mothership days will be accommodated. Non- reserved mother ship space will be allocated on a space available basis.

Weigh in will start at 4:00pm each day, and the awards ceremony will take place Thursday at 7:00pm.

Each angler must hook, reel in, and land each fish completely unassisted.

Sharing equipment (rods, tackle, gaff, etc.) is allowed only before a fish has been hooked.

For roosterfish, the tournament supplied streamer will be hooked to the line, pulled tight, and dropped in the water with slight forward motion allowing the streamer to measure from the mouth, or boated and measured across the angler’s lap. If the trophy marker on the streamer passes the fork of the tail, the fish will not count as a trophy. If the mark on the streamer stops before or at the fork it will count. This measurement must be clearly identified on video in order for the fish to be counted as trophy.

Cubera snapper will be measured the same way as roosterfish in order for them to be counted as trophy. However, they will be measured at total length rather than fork length.

All kayaks must be inspected before launching each day, and are required to have a pfd (supplied by Los Buzos or angler) and vhf radio (supplied by angler).

Each angler will have the option to carry their fish back to the beach on their own power, or hand off their fish to the help boat. If a fish is handed to the boat it will be tagged with the angler’s number and placed on ice.

Los Buzos is not responsible for supplying live bait., however if we have bait available it will be passed out on the water prior to start time.

Each fish brought to weigh in must be in whole edible condition without any damage from predatory species.

Longlining, jug lining, spearfishing, and hand-lining are all not allowed. All fish must be hooked and landed using a rod and reel.

Fish cannot be passed over to another contestant at any time, fish can however be passed over to a mother ship or tournament boat.

All infractions will result in disqualification from the tournament.

All anglers are expected to show a high level of courtesy, sportsmanship, and regard for safety. Any angler who blatantly ignores these rules, says or does anything deemed detrimental to the Los Buzos name may be disqualified from present and or future tournaments.

Los Buzos reserves the right to make changes to the rules prior to the tournament to ensure the safety and well-being of our anglers.

Tournament contact
Adam Fisk or Morris Palmer – info@losbuzos.com