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Wall of Fame

Roosterfish Wall of Fame

We catch some serious monsters here at Los Buzos, so we have introduced a top 5 biggest roosterfish trophy. The angler with the largest roosterfish holds the title of “King Cock”. All fish are measured from mouth to the fork of the tail.

1. Peter Gulovič, Czech Republic - 57 inches

2. Adam Fisk, Florida, USA - 55 inches

3. Robert Field, Vagabond - 54 inches

4. Nick Smudja, Canada - 53.5 inches

5. Bart Swab, Florida, USA - 53 inches

Billfish Wall of Fame

Adam Fisk - 8/26/2018 - 450 pound Black Marlin

Matthew Barfield - 4/22/2018 - Pacific Sailfish

Kevin Bendeck - 5/7/2018 - Pacific Sailfish

IGFA records at Los Buzos

Leather Grouper, 28.18 lbs - Ricci Chavez, USA