Other expenses outside our fee that should be budgeted include rooms, meals, and entertainment for any nights in Panama City. We have a special rate at AC Marriott $95 ($47.50 each) each approx. for huge double rooms including an excellent breakfast for two, and the King single $80 including breakfast for one. AC Marriott holds reservations for us without prepayment so you just need to let us know what you want when you reserve and you pay upon arrival. There are many great restaurants and bars within walking distance and also some other nice hotels. We do caution about booking other Hotels too far removed from our pick up site as they may require you to leave early to reach our pick up location – traffic can be brutal in the city. Also budget two ground transfers from the Airport for around $60 total. Finally for those who ask our tipping recommendations we recommend a range of 15% to 20% of the trip total to be divided between guides, support staff, boat captains, and mates. You can add the tips in advance if you wish to do so by credit card.

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