Food is very important for us here at Los Buzos and we serve you something different every day. Breakfast and bag lunches are put out in the main lodge approximately 1 hour before launch time each day. The continental breakfast changes daily and usually consists of fresh pastries, eggs, fresh cut fruit, fresh fruit juice and home baked bread. Obviously there is plenty of fresh brewed coffee available to get your day started well.

Lunches consist of fresh tuna salad sandwiches, lunch wraps, paninis or sandwiches. Also we have will put out a wide variety of packed snacks (granola bars, Pringles, candy, Oreos, biscuits etc), water bottles and apples to take out with you on the water. Afternoon snacks are served when the fishermen come in consisting of fresh guacamole, salsas, bean or cheese dips, served with chips and plenty of cold beer, tea or water. Dinner is served family style each night as a group including the guides. It generally consists of fresh fish and seafood specialties caught that day or the day before prepared in a variety of ways. Seafood nights are broken up with Pizza night and other meals.

If you don’t eat fish (or other food items), have food allergies or special dietary requirements: please let us know in advance. We are more than happy to change the menu to your requirements and taste.

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