Obviously we try everything we can to avoid any emergencies. All of our kayaks come equipped with a PFD and we require all our anglers to have a VHF radio on them (either you can bring your own or we rent them out). On land we have several staff members who also listen to the radio to make sure everything is ok. Lastly, when going out on the pangas we always carry a satellite text messenger to stay in contact, even when there is no phone signal available.

Panama in general has world class medical care, however we are remote. There is clinic in our village and a rural hospital with good Emergency facilities 17 miles away. Anything significant gets evacuated to the nearest large town 2 hours away, or if it permits to Panama City where the care is second to none, including a Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Medical care is very affordable in Panama, however, we do advise you to get travel insurance before coming here to avoid any surprises.

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