May through mid-December rainy season, mid-December through April is the dry season. Rainy season is cooler, usually afternoon rains, but some weeks will be really rainy. Fishing tends to be good with rains and much cooler. Usually the rains are short lived and we do not get a lot of lightning or wind storms as compared to Florida, so the rains rarely stop fishing. Winds are usually much less in the rainy season. Dry season is exactly what it says – Dry –  meaning it will not rain a drop. Significantly hotter temperature wise, but less humidity. What I like about Panama is it is always cool in the shade. The sun is tough though outside, so be prepared with sun protection. Hurricanes do not come this far south, nor does Panama experience significant earthquakes, or active volcanoes so you do not have to worry about losing your vacation to a natural disaster – on our end anyway.

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